Saturday, June 2, 2007

CS5: Captioning & Subtitling Online Videos

The ability to caption (add subtitles) to online videos can be a very powerful resource in most if not all curriculum areas, some that specifically come to mind are Modern Foreign Languages, ESL, SEN ... drat ... in fact the whole T&L experience.
We will look at several options to allow you (students) to do this easily.

One web 2.0 company set up to make it easy to do is dotSUB
where videos can be uploaded and captioned in any source language, and once captioned, be immediately available for subtitling into any other language.

In this session we will take a gentle tour around dotSUB to see how it works, we can also share ideas and suggestions about how this may be used in teaching and learning.
For part of this session we will be joined by Michael Smolens one of the co-founders of this web 2.0 company from New York (by Skype) .... so there will be an opportunity to ask him questions.
Questions added in the comments below will have priority.

If you have time before the session then have a look at the list of links at

Nothing here yet : Chris Smith Shanghai Workshops

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