Saturday, June 2, 2007

CS1: Podcasting Down and Dirty

In this session we will, in real time, create a Podcast, edit it, add some music convert to an mp3 format and host it at Podbean .... all in 45 minutes. (windowsXP)
In fact we may not even have time to fireup the PowerPoint so you might like to look at it before the event by clicking on this icon at the end of this post.
This session is the first in a series of 2 .... the second one is designed to build on what was learnt in the first (by me) and is being given by Wesley Fryer who will continue with this theme to take it on to the next level.
Relevant Links:
| Shambles Podcasting (inc. tools) | Audacity | Levelator | Podbean |
| Videos and PowerPoints about Podcasting | Videos and PowerPoints about RSS |

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