Thursday, August 30, 2007

Web 2.0 .. what's it all about? (private session 14Sept07)

This is a private presentation .. to all the staff at Concordia International School, Shanghai, on the morning of Friday 14th September ... 90 minutes

This session will be a general introduction to the new "Read-Write" web, (Web 2.0), we will look at what it is, what makes a web 2.0 website different from the more traditional ones.
We will also look at several examples and see how they might be used in teaching and learning.

If you have time before the 14th then please have a browse around the page or have a look at some of the online videos hosted at

One of the difficulties (challenges) for me is to judge exactly at what level to pitch the presentation ... do I assume participants are completely new to this topic (dangerous for me) or do I assume e.g. everyone is an accomplished Blogger?

So it would help me to better modify the presentation to your needs if you could leave a note below (it can be anonymous if you wish .. or give your name) by clicking on comments ... giving me some idea of your skill levels and also what you hope to gain from this presentation.
Or just to say hello and that I should assume you would like me to start at ground zero.

Many thanks .....

click on "comments just under here ... and leave your message.

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